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What is a Cardonio Crypto Credit Card?

Crytocurrency entered human consciousness only in the past few years and yet has grown phenomenally due to its revolutionary nature, being a currency tool that is practically unregulated by any formal financial institution other than the “underground” purveyors of the currency who resided online in the virtual world. In short, it introduced a convenient way to hold money, save money and spend money that was invisible but was as efficient as real fiat money itself. It was a radical idea that was quite liberating for the individual. And the fact that it was a growing phenomenon at the very outset brought many to dip their fingers into the sumptuous pie.

It did not take long before the financial regulatory agencies sought to look into this new tool. Recent reports related to cryptocurrency highlighting its supposed failures and abuses, has not prevented many to put their money into this new currency mode. We can practically say with enough confidence that cryptocurrency, just like the gold coin in the ancient world of barter trading, is here to stay.

Considering the nature of cryptocurrency being what it is, making use of it to one’s best advantage requires having easy access to it in the same way that the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) did to savings banking for the ordinary consumer. Cardonio brought it a step further for people who use foreign currency around the world by coming out with an efficient payment card for those who hold Ether, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency accounts.

This solution targets people within the Cryptocurrency community and allows them “to secure instant lines of credit using nothing more than their existing Crypto holdings as security”. This gives immense power to a person, as if he or she virtually owns the world’s banking systems, giving one “complete liquidity of their Cryptocurrency assets, because if the price of their Crypto increases during the 90- day period, they receive the benefits of all upside gains”.

Moreover, every customer can choose whatever percentage they set their “stop loss limits up to a maximum of 35%, meaning even in the event the value of their crypto holdings drops, they are protected at the level they chose”. This assurance gives the individual the confidence that Cardonio stands behind every individual transaction entered into at any location in the world at any time.

One great benefit derived from using a Cardonio Card is that any time a purchase is made, for example, for $10,000 which, let us just say, is worth 1BTC, when the due date comes for paying for that transaction after 90 days, the BTC price might go above $12,000. We can easily see that a savings of more than of 20% has been gained. This leveraging on the potential growth of cryptocurrency may not appear so different from existing currency or price inflation which is but an opposite effect; however, it builds on the innovative idea that cryptocurrency acts in a generally positive curve, whereas conventional currencies act on a generally negative curve. It is no different from the practice of medicine which tries to address symptoms while the new paradigm in wellness and new health protocols depends on nutrition and positive living – in short, positive growth vs. loss of value.

The guardians of conventional currencies may not be so pleased with what is happening. But now, any person can have a better choice through what Cardonio offers.


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Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers on Tax Free Company in Paradise

How to set up a Tax Free Company in Paradise

2016 Update: The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) still offers 0% corporate income tax for up to eight years. This article shows how to structure this as a US person. More information on starting a business in Thailand can be found on

Ever dream of having your business legally accrue profits offshore as you hang out in paradise? Thailand is a great country to plant a residency flag in, as doing this will get you a 0% effective personal tax rate and a tax free company in paradise.

American caveat: though Americans have a worldwide tax obligation, taxes here can get as low as 20% (0% corporate and 20% personal), through the use of qualified dividends, and with the help and advice of a CPA who understands international structuring.

How to get a tax free company in paradise? By establishing tax residency in Thailand (which doesn’t tax income earned abroad), and through the proper utilization of transfer pricing of intellectual property, combined with the use of an offshore company and a Thai company limited by shares.

Flag 1: Citizenship

You must already have citizenship in a country that doesn’t tax its citizens on a worldwide basis. Most countries don’t impose worldwide tax obligation on their citizens. The exception is the United States and Eritrea, which tax the foreign income of non-resident citizens. (See footnote on Americans doing business in Thailand.)

Flag 2: Residency

Jurisdictional Tax Regime

I’ve written specifically on Residency, the 2nd flag of Flag Theory, at length in the past. For Flag Theory to function properly and fully above board, you must establish tax residency in a country that has low tax, no tax, or a territorial tax regime.

Thailand taxes its residents and citizens on a territorial basis, meaning that income derived from outside The Kingdom is not taxed, provided that they are not remitted to the country the first year since they are earned. (This is not tax advice, just a layperson understands of the law.)

Any profits derived from within Thailand, with a Thai company, will be taxed. However, certain businesses are eligible to receive tax breaks if they are established within certain sectors.

This makes offshore companies a powerful tool as a headquarters and IP-holding company.

Flag 3: Company

BVI Company

BVI companies tend to be the weapon of choice for entrepreneurs doing business in Asia or setting up a corporate bank account with an offshore account in Asia. More information on BVI companies can be found in this article.

If you choose not to use the BVI, you could look at a number of other offshore jurisdictions, or a…

Labuan Company

An alternative to a BVI company involves the proper utilization of the tax treaty between Thailand and Malaysia. Furthermore, a Labuan company run from within Malaysia faces an almost 0% tax rate, as long as transactions are cleared in a foreign currency and no customers or business is done in the country. See this article about my trip to Malaysia.

Transfer Pricing

The idea behind this type of headquarters/regional office setup is to keep as much profit as possible in the offshore company in a low-tax jurisdiction. Obviously, you’ll need to cover operating costs in Thailand, but taxes within the country can be kept to a minimum, while satisfying the authorities that everything is properly reported and accounted for.

Flag 4: Banking

You can easily open a Malaysian bank account with a Labuan company.

(Flags 5 and 6 are not covered here, as they have little to do with the strategic imperative of minimizing taxes.)

Thai Company Capitalization

An integral component of this setup involves setting up a Thai company, obtaining a visa and work permit, and then legally establishing tax residency in Thailand.

One important/difficult aspect of forming the company is capitalization, as the company needs to reflect an initial capitalization of 2 million baht (about $57,000) for a work permit for a foreigner or 1 million baht for a BOI company, which allows work permit for foreigners at a slightly lower capitalization, but is costlier in terms of setup.

What to Do?

One could, hypothetically, record the 2 million baht as paid up in cash, and then loaned back out, in cash, to a “related party,” commonly referred to as a “loan to director.”

If you want to learn more about this, consider becoming a PT member.

Permanent Residency in Thailand

Thai residency for tax purposes (as identified or defined by a foreign government) and Thai permanent residency are two separate and distinct things.

You must have been a taxpaying resident for several years in order to be eligible for permanent residency in Thailand. This means you:

  • Have a work permit,
  • Have a business visa,
  • Have a bank account,
  • Make regular tax payments to Thai authorities, and
  • Have lived and worked full-time in Thailand for at least three to four years.

The time taken to process a permanent residency application ranges from five to 10 years. It can help if you can speak Thai, have a Thai spouse, or are a respected member of the community. In general, establishing permanent residency in Thailand (and obtaining a green book) is a difficult process that can take years. I once spoke with a gentleman who said it took him seven full years to become a permanent resident – and this was after 11 years of living and doing business in the country.


Getting Thai citizenship is borderline impossible, unless one of your parents is already a citizen, since citizenship is based on jus sanguinis. Simply being born in the country would not make one a citizen, as Thailand does not grant citizenship based on jus soli.

How to Start a Company in Thailand

I’ve written at length on:

  • How to start a company in Thailand, and
  • How to navigate visa laws in Thailand.

If, after reading those articles, you are serious about starting a Thai company, I can connect you to a lawyer there.

Once you have established a company in Thailand, you can trade between the company and your offshore company, where the offshore company will own the IP, and the Thai company can pay a licensing fee. You must abide by Thai transfer pricing laws. I recommend hiring an accountant who is familiar with Thailand’s laws. This is probably not a do-it-yourself job. All legal documents and accounts must be kept and maintained in the Thai language.

Personal Bank Accounts

You can easily get a bank account in Thailand. Though some banks may turn you away if you don’t have a work permit, others with a proof of residence (rental contract) or a recommendation letter from a Thai resident may open you an account (hint: try Bangkok Bank, Krungsri, UOB or Siam Commercial Bank). Foreign currency accounts are available in most banks and can be opened easily.

What’s Great about This Setup

Completely Legal

There is no perfect setup in this imperfect world, but this is damn close. For starters, it is completely legal, and if you are truly looking to establish a corporate structure and solid foundation for your business, this setup is ideal.

Virtually Tax Free Company

Any earnings retained in the offshore company are tax-free. Just be sure to abide by Thailand’s transfer pricing laws, and make sure you file the right forms in the country where you were previously domiciled to establish a new tax residency in Thailand.

Inexpensive Labor

You will have to hire some Thai nationals, so why not make the best of it. Start to grow a team. Thai people have a particular way of working. I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself!


If things don’t go well in Thailand, the valuable parts of your business, such as the intellectual property, is held safely offshore.

What to Be Careful With

Work Permits

You should only work in Thailand if you have an authorized work permit. The law interprets “work” very broadly, and if you are caught without a work permit, you could be thrown out of the country and banned from future entry into the kingdom. Work permits are typically granted only to specialized foreign labor employed in work that most Thai nationals could not do.

Furthermore, there are minimum hiring requirements to abide by:

  • 4 Thai employees: to obtain a work permit, it is necessary to hire four Thai employees, get an office and register for tax, in addition to taking other smaller steps, which a lawyer can help you with.
  • If you have a foreign business partner, you will need to hire eight Thai employees, as the company must maintain a ratio of four Thai nationals to one foreigner when hiring.

An exception to this rule is possible with certain permission from the BOI. See for more on the process of setting up a BOI company.

Transfer Pricing

Is complicated. Period. In broad strokes, transfer pricing refers to the setting of prices for the sale of goods and services between companies that are owned/controlled by the same person/party (also known as trading at arm’s length).

To discuss the intricacies of transfer pricing would require an entire article (or even a whole book). The laws on this vary in complexity and enforcement from country to country, but it is well known that certain countries are more lax than others.

2016 update: transfer pricing is now, more than ever, important to get right.

Doing Business in Thailand

Doing business in Siam is not as difficult as other places in Asia, but it’s still not as simple as setting up a company in Singapore or Hong Kong. The government here is more restrictive of foreign investment, and they tend not to be the most forward thinking on certain areas, such as information technology or startup companies.

June 2016 Update:

The startup scene in Bangkok has changed dramatically since this article was first published.

  • Venture capital is rare – only a very rare few VCs actually deploy capital.
  • Several startups have had some success.
  • There seems to be more support from government.
  • Use of credit cards is more prevalent.
  • Alibaba Group has just bought Lazada.

Phil Devin Consultants: Op zoek naar een perfecte huis gemaakt gemakkelijk

Phil Devin Real Estate kunnen van groot nut zijn als u op zoek bent naar een goede verblijfplaats in Australië, en haar service voor onroerend goed heeft opgedaan veel goede feedback en reviews van andere mensen, dus dat het is een van de meest betrouwbare agentschappen in het gebied. Het is ook een groot deel van de vele vervuld vastgoed behoeften van verschillende mensen. Phil beschreef het als een “kleine-boutique type agentschap omgeving”, die doelstellingen om een betere dienstverlening en betere resultaten aan elke client.

Phil Devin ontwikkeld een betrouwbare kennis over onroerend goed uit zijn jarenlange dienst. Met zijn vaardigheden is er een garantie dat u krijgt de service en de resultaten die u verdient. U kunt ook er zeker van een positief resultaat met Phil, het verzorgen van uw onroerend goed zorg.

Haar officiële site biedt vele mooie huizen voor verkoop of voor veiling. In dit artikel gaan we bespreken een aantal van deze eigenschappen in het geval u op zoek bent voor sommige. Om te beginnen met, één eigenschap ligt in Loganholme en is beschreven als een goede investeringskans omdat kunt u er zeker van uw investering terug met haar lange termijn huurder reeds op zijn plaats.

Een twee verdiepingen tellend huis, aan de andere kant, is gelegen in Daisy Hill. Het heeft een verfrissende verf die u een rustig gevoel kon geven en wordt geplaatst in een goede vlek zo goed. Uw familie zal zeker vinden de eigenschap handig met de afmetingen en de eigenschappen. Het is in de buurt van goede scholen, dus u hoeft niet alle problemen met de school van uw kinderen. U kunt ook bereiken de snelweg met slechts een klein eindje rijden.

Er is ook een eigenschap die kan overeenkomen met de behoeften van een gezin en ligt in Holland Park. Het biedt een rustige omgeving en heeft een goede ruimte. Een twee verdiepingen tellend huis in Hope Island kan ook vangen uw interesse met haar trots en hoge plafonds en een glas omheind zwembad. De woonkamer is perfect voor familie lijmen want het biedt een enorme ruimte. Als u verkiest om te leven in Holland Park West, misschien een eigenschap van de nieuw-gebouwde-look aan uw eigen stijl. Het is onlangs gerenoveerd en heeft een lage lopende onderhoud en lage rechtspersoon vergoedingen.

De officiële website van Phil Devin Consultants biedt veel gemak aan haar klanten sinds alle woningen die beschikbaar zijn voor verkoop / voor veiling, en eigenschappen die zijn verkocht, zijn alle goed weergegeven op de site.

Bovendien, het biedt ook gemakkelijk toegang in de aanvraag voor een beoordeling, op zoek naar een beschikbare woning te huur, onderhoud aanvragen en indienen van de aanvraag van een huurovereenkomst. Neem contact op met Phil vandaag, zodat u ook van de goede vastgoed service van Phil Devin Real Estate Consultants genieten kunt.


Spreken aan iedereen die heeft ervaren het proces van het kopen of verkopen van onroerend goed en vaak hun bevindingen zijn een combinatie van stress, teleurstelling en uiteindelijk compromis! Een van mijn vele doelen is om ervoor te zorgen dat je volgende zet is positief.

Ik begon Phil Devin onroerend goed met een eenvoudige missie: “om resultaten te leveren die onze klanten te overtreffen”.

Wat betekent dit voor u?

-Ik weet u bezig en ik heb respect voor uw tijd. Wanneer wij Stel een afspraak en ik zal er zijn.

-Als ik zeg dat iets kan worden gedaan… kunt u rekenen op het.

-Ik probeer niet om mensen sneeuw of informatie verbergen. Ik ben al over openbaarmaking.

-Ik ben er niet in voor elk één transactie – I ‘m in it voor de lange termijn… de levenslange relaties.

-Dat betekent dat ik werken zal om het resultaat te krijgen die u verdient.

Uiteindelijk wanneer u kopen of met mij verkopen, komt het neer op uw beslissing, wat voor u juist is. Mijn doel is om ervoor te zorgen heb je genoeg informatie om een beslissing te nemen u tevreden kan zijn met van de baan. Wanneer u kiest voor me kunt kopen of verkopen van uw huis kunt u rekenen op inspelen, kwaliteit, uitgebreide en persoonlijke service.

“Teleurstelling is het verschil tussen wat een klant verwacht en wat de Agent levert”

Ik weet dat mijn cliënten zijn verlangen om te gaan met een ‘professional’, die kan ‘luisteren’ naar hun individuele wensen en behoeften en oplossingen bieden voor hen!

Phil Devin is dat professionele!